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“My cable bill just doubled. Can you negotiate me a lower rate before Game of Thrones starts?”

– Patrick L., 28

“Find me the best credit card for airline miles and hotel rewards that doesn’t have an annual fee”

– Jess M., 43

“It’s my anniversary, can you deliver a dozen roses to my wife’s office before the end of the day?”

– Marcus R., 32

What do people say about Delegate?

Delegate is truly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I hadn’t realized how much time I was spending on tasks that were taking away from my productivity, downtime, and probably happiness too. The team at Delegate has helped me with everything from research before a big purchase, trip, or birthday, all the way through to scheduling doctors appointments or yoga classes, getting reimbursed after flight cancellations, comparing insurance plans, planning the perfect camping getaway – you name it, no task too tedious. And, somehow everyone at Delegate has an amazing sense of humor and make even the most annoying tasks less stressful. I would in a heartbeat recommend Delegate to anyone looking to streamline the behind-the-scenes of their lives and get back time for the things that matter to them. To the Delegate team: a huge thank you for making my life so much easier – y’all are the ultimate wing-people and I’m beyond grateful for all that you do!

Dalia Katan
Forbes 30 Under 30

Over the past 3 months, my colleagues and I have enjoyed using Delegate, and it’s been a productive way to provide some extra support to folks who are otherwise burdened with long days at the office, and who don’t have time to run their personal errands.

Stas Gayshan
Managing Partner and Founder, Cambridge Innovation Center Boston

It’s those little things that are so frustrating to deal with – tracking down a reimbursement, making a travel reservation, re-negotiating a mobile phone bill. Delegate makes those tedious and time consuming tasks just go away.

David Beisel
Co-Founder and Partner, NextView Ventures

Delegate allows me to reclaim my time to spend on things I enjoy. I can read more, go to the gym, and spend that time with loved ones. By returning to me more of life’s most precious commodity, I believe Delegate contributes daily to my overall happiness and well-being.

Samantha Berdinka
Executive at Luxury Boston

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